A little introduction…

I feel like it would only be appropriate to start of this blog with an introduction of what you will hopefully be seeing in the upcoming months…

I have always loved reading other people’s blogs and get so much enjoyment out of expressing my thoughts on Twitter , however the 140 word limit makes it a little difficult to go into detail so I decided to create a blog where I am free to post as much as I like without anyone or anything telling me that i’m blabbering on too much!

You can expect to see a wide variety of different posts from me, including lifestyle, beauty, getting to know me and probably some particularly random posts that probably have no relevance to anything (but i’m sure they’ll still be worth the read). I’ve already been brainstorming a few ideas including monthly favourites, beauty reviews and even some posts that would be slightly on the festive side; for example why I love winter so much and Christmas gift guides (i’m planning ahead!)

My aim is to update this blog weekly so if you’d like to keep track of when I post new content then it would mean a lot if you followed my blog! Also, if you happen to have any post ideas that you’d like to see then please comment below or send me any bright ideas by going to the Contact page.

I hope to see you back very soon!




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